13 June 2007

Virgin post

My own blog. I’ve been giddy about this for days! To write to no one in particular and everyone; to put yourself out there for the world “naked”. It’s almost comical to me that something sooo trivial, starting a blog, is a stressor in my life. Man! I have a good life.

Anyway, moving on to the next order of business, this blog will document my thoughts, feelings, and rants about life in Kuwait and Kuwaiti lives.

Moving on...yesterday, the New York Times had an interesting story on fatwa chaos in Egypt (well, all across the Muslim world's more like it). Like the dude says in the article, I really think we should be more outraged about Imam's mocking Islam in the form of idiotic arbitrary fatwas--and the radicals hijacking our religion-- than the Danish cartoons. By the way, anyone still boycotting products? (I didn't think so; but then again I never did.)


Whew! That was easy. Let’s do it again sometime.

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