28 July 2007

Konscious Kuwaiti Konsumption

I've become much more interested in conscious consumption over the past few years. I found this Get Rich Slowly post very interesting. I think the writer would probably have a heart attack if he were to visit Kuwait.

Which brings me to this scene:

[Family gathered at female relative's (Mrs. T's) apartment for meal, male relative (Hondaizer) telling family about new cheap rug store he found in Farwaniya]

Mrs. T: ...which reminds me I really need to get my area rugs professionally cleaned.

Hondaizer: how much would cleaning them cost?

GE&B: I can't really remember but maybe around KD 20 a piece or so...

[Mrs. T looks down at her stained carpet while trying to balance a cup full of red fruit juice, a baby, and a tray full of half-empty teacups and candy wrappers in her arms.]

Hondaizer: It's not worth spending that much money when you can get a new one for KD 50.

**GE&B thinking ( voice-over): 7aram! wallah, your rugs aren't even eight years old and besides its not like they are the cheap "disposable" kind.

The conversation ends abruptly as a little glass dish is shattered, luckily not on the concerned rug.

I've been wondering what Mrs. T's gonna end up doing with her rugs since that day, yesterday, but I really hope she decides to clean them.

I wonder where stained, abandoned rugs go to die? eeh, probably Friday market.

Yesterday's lesson: Speak your mind before the glass shatters or forever hold your peace.

If you're wondering about the title, I've been really hungry for some Krispy Kreme. (I'm heading the Avenues Mall to get some right now :D)


Ony said...

i love ur blog

Anonymous said...

me tooooooooooooo :)

GE&B said...

Ony and Anon--
Thank you sooo much! Your comments err... froze my chest (i.e. تثلج الصدر) and I'm really glad someone's enjoying my ramblings.