13 November 2007

Honey! I'm home....and I'm off to the beach!

(images courtesy radiant guy, Abdullah Al-Qadeeri, flickr)

I had the best time of my life today between these two places. The weather was insane and the sights incredible! Although I love going out with family and friends, going out alone allows for a more fulfilling experience. I really get to take in my surroundings when I'm alone. It's peaceful.

Whenever the weather and time allows, I like to walk between the KPC/KNPC building (which is it?!) and Sief Palace, I've been doing it for a couple of years now. I usually go an hour before ma'3rib (sunset) which gives me plenty of time to drive back home to pray ma'3rib.

Today, the weather was sooo inviting I decided to hangout on a bench right at the water with a book of course.

Kuwait's vibe has been increasingly negative for the past few months --and so has mine for that matter-- that its refreshing to just see people, normal everyday people from all over the place, enjoy themselves.

It's really nice to see diversity, older people in wheelchairs, people exercising, families with children, people with their pets (a guy was walking around with a green parrot perched on his shoulder...how cute is that?!I really wanted to get him an eye-patch!). Sometimes, I get stuck into going to stuffy snobby places with my friends where everyone there is the same (mainly, people who are wearing so many labels they might have forgotten their own names) that just seeing people who are older/younger than the "hip crowd" is refreshing. I remembered how nice it is to be able to kick back in sweats and trainers* and "take back the beach".

All along the horizon there are these buoys with green or red lights on them bobbing in the water (like a national day parade except less tacky...I'm telling you it was great!) I'm guessing they're for fishing boats 'cause there are docks where you can lower fishing boats into the water nearby but I'm not certain.

Of course this is still Kuwait and a girl on her own at the beach with a book (gasp!) can cause a stir. There was this kid who stood around by the light post behind my bench and kept talking to the bad of my head. Apparently (hend!), the bad of my covered head really is ">ridiculous!
It was quite entertaining until I turned around as I was getting to ready to leave and realized he's in his 50's...creepy! (Dude seriously...have your middle-age crisis and cigarette away from me please!)

For the couple of hours that I was out there my life seemed perfect, regardless of the fact that I still have no answers and/or plans for my life. Between the view of the lit KNPC building, the Kuwait City skyline and the water it was complete despite the "stuck" feeling I've been inundated with.


Today's Lesson: خير جليس في الأنام كتاب ...or I need better friends :/


* If this statement sounds funny...you've obviously never lived in GCC countries where people are always dressed "up", image-conscious to a fault and stiff.

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