09 January 2008

ramble # 7487

I'm known to have ridiculous dreams therefore I never believed in dream interpretation or anything of that sort. Examples of crazy dreams:

I'm at my brother's wedding and this annoying girl I know was sitting in the bride's seat. Before my brother comes in I ask her to get out of the bride's seat (there was no bride) insisting that she wasn't my brother's bride. I beat her up at the wedding right before my father and brother "crash" the wedding in ATV's. Creative huh?!

Last night, MP Adel Al-Saraawi...this guy:

yup..that Adel...was my conscience. Now I like Adel, no problem with him whatsoever and I think he's a great politician if there ever was one, but what the hell is he doing being my conscience in my dreams..? I was having a conversation with him--in the dream--and I go...u look like 3adel Al9ar3awi...he replies I am 3adel al9ar3awi...but I knew he was my conscience...

Don't you hate it in dreams when you're in an airplane but you know its your school in the dream...but visually its an airplane..? No. Shut up, I know you do.

In other passing useless thoughts, I get really annoyed at people who assume you're doing something "wrong" whenever you're alone. Like a few years ago I went to a movie on my own, it was during the day I was off of work none of my friends could go and I really wanted to see it, anyway...my sister's friend who saw me leaving the theater alone told her that I was imwa3da but my dude stood me up. I don't know what offended me more that fact that she thought I was imwa3da or the fact that she thought my 9a7ib would ditch me.

Which brings us to today...the weather was really nice in the afternoon so I decided to hang out on a bench outside Soug Sharg as I waited for my friend to show up. Of course every other car that would pass by...I was sitting at the edge of the parking lot so lots of passing cars...would scream something at me. What really got to me was when I got up to head into the mall an older guy goes "ha 7abooba imwa3da..?" Of course, i'm a man-ignoring machine (truly, I amaze myself sometimes) so I didn't react in anyway but he ticked me off.
and yesterday i remembered i have a blog. so now u get to hear all about my interesting life. lucky you!

Oh yeah..and what's up with sales here...I found a cute top today that was "on sale" it used to be 31 KD and now its 29 KD. sale my pinky toe! that's false advertising!

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