17 January 2008

They're gone already

I hate this time of year.

I love Kuwait's winters. I really do. But every year late December and early January bring lots of friends who are currently living abroad and I have a thriving social life that requires no thought. Then come mid-January everyone leaves and I'm stuck with friends and acquaintances who I love but relationships with them require work.
Things like restraining myself from looking at my friends like they're crazy when one says something like "I'd love a new Range Rover" despite the fact that her car is less than a year old or wear so much makeup that I can barely recognize her or drive with a baby in one hand and a cell phone in another.

I think more than anything I long for people who are at the same "wavelength" as I am.

There's a lot of people that share this feeling with me out there I'm sure I just need to find them. (I sound like a whiny chicken nugget...Kuwait doesn't "get" me...I swear I'm not so I'm gonna end this right here.)

Give me a break, I just miss my close friends.(Hi friends, I miss you.)

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