25 February 2008

Don't leave home without...

This post includes very important information that no one would want to miss...gather around children...

The contents of my purse:

Left to right:

1) my black cosmetics bag (contents & picture below)

2) my wallet (I use a men's wallet...much much much lighter and more convenient than any women's wallet...yes I bank at Kuwait Finance House *sigh*)

3) book "Made to Stick"

4) Car and house keys (keychain was once a cute dreamcatcher)

4) Tiny notebook and pen

The small black cosmetics bag that rocks my world holds:

  • l'occitane hand cream
  • sample size YSL Cinema perfume (during the summer it's usually a vial of white musk, the scent of clean)
  • small size purell hand sanitizer (gets refilled because I can never find this size anymore)
  • mac lipgloss
  • bodyshop's lip and cheek stain
  • tide to go stick
  • Extra mint drops (I don't do gum. HATE IT! Most people look like camels when they chew gum)
  • a pack of tissue
  • Al-Qurashi's scented wipes. (incredible smell)

Notice that nothing I carry is melt-able. I've learned the hard way when an melted eyeliner made a mess in my sister's purse. (sorry again :/)

My friends joke that I have a mommy bag; but seriously, if you were stranded on a deserted tropical island, you'd want me and my purse with you.

It's amazing how I can manage to write fascinating as well as extremely informative posts...Sub7anAllah! Truly a gift granted by the Lord to a special few!


eshda3wa said...

i like wats in ur purse

u need everything in it

its not just packed

my purse is pretty much like that

has exactly wat i need

u should see my moms purse, its a mini market!

Anonymous said...

nice :) should guys have a bad that have gell in it :P

G and L said...

Oh thank God. I thought i was the only weird person who carries around a book in their purse.. ;P

G.E&B said...

eshda3wa: you could get lost in my mom's purse for days! It drives me crazy!

amu: I seriously do feel like everyone deserves a bag; why should u be unprepared?! :P

g and l: nope, I actually pull it out to read when I'm waiting anywhere..(gasp!) in public!...like at the mostaw9if...!

glad to see other members of the literacy squad!

Oranjina fadidra said...

its so like me.. like totally..
like omg!
what are the chances :p

powder said...

lol on the gum comment

and i looove l'occitane hand cream , and i am a KFH user , i love theire visa :D

G.E&B said...

oranjina: 1 in a few billion I guess :P

powder: you mean their visa works for you?! How come it freezes whenever I'm outside Kuwait.

I HATE KFH and their horrendous customer service! (sorry :$)

powder said...

yeah it works for me , i have 800 kd limit , and they only reduct 50 kd every month :P