03 February 2008

Linkistan: the First Edition

Images that spoke to me from today's PostSecret. (Click the link at your "own risk" some nudity and strong images, people's secrets aren't always pleasant.)

Who gave secularists the right to decide what women do with their hair?
Turks protest plan to end scarf ban. I wonder if Kuwaiti women who choose not to cover feel any pressure to do so.

Maybe in 2020 Kuwait'll be able to follow Ireland's lead; the amount of plastic bag litter is insane. "Motivated by a Tax, Irish Spurn Plastic Bags"

And how much would you pay for a special license plate number? A filthy rich Abu Dhabi local pays $6.8 million for the number 5. (Allah ihanee o'yarziga.)(link courtesy of hendon)

And a great poem to top it all off (Tamim Barghouti, "Fil Quds")

Now I'm off to fly kites with my nephew.

(photo: Timtim flying a kite in Mina Abdullah a few weekends ago.)

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