15 February 2008

The simple life

"Sleeping Beauty", a female cousin, 25, recently got engaged. Sleeping Beauty by our social standards is a catch. She's pretty, of esteemed "pedigree", has little interest in life outside the home, doesn't leave the house without her mother or older sister (early 30's). In my family, she's a 9. (The only thing keeping her from a 10 is that she doesn't attend all family functions.)

For the past few years, SB wanted nothing more than to get married. She went to any social function where your main job was to look pretty and smile.

Finally at the old age of 25, (I'm kidding but you should hear her talk about her "single-status" she's gotten engaged. (Great guy who I know.)

The truth is I've always been jealous of Sleeping Beauty. Although she's probably one of the few people on the planet who's life is more boring than mine is, I was always envious of her simple life.

There are no internal conflicts: she's never cared about school or having a career or doing something of substance. Any job that required no effort and provided average pay was fine.

She would've married any good guy who came along (which is why it was surprising to the family that she didn't get married earlier), without any hangups on his outlook on life, or where he wanted to be in 10 years.

She could sit perfectly still while the women around her talked about how depression is a result of a person's poor relationship with God and smile and nod.

Although I love her to the moon and back and am really happy for her, it hard for me not to be envious of her simple life and the calm she enjoys in her mind (I've asked, she confirmed).


She's marrying a simple guy (I know him well) so no worries. Allah itamim 3laihum o'ihaneehum.


It really is mating season that's why I've been heavy on the marriage posts.


Anonymous said...

ahh and the next is me :D

GE&B said...

w0000t w0000t! seriously! it's working out??!!! I'm really happy for you...tistahel...Allah yaktib lik ili feeh il5air...

some serious virtual ba5iring is gonna happen when you do it's official inshallah ;)