27 February 2008

Updates and announcements

1) The Autism Center's walk-a-thon is this Saturday. If you haven't signed up already, get off your lumpy butt and sign up. (For more information Call the center at 251-6192 or email at kwautism-AT-qualitynet-DOT-com.)

2) Nothing to do with the reminders but read today's Al-Qabas's editorial opening (in Arabic). It' s all I want to say about the salary hikes as well as the diwaniya's on public property issue. (Someday soon, I hope the paper will understand that the online edition needs to be presented in a reader friendly format; right now it just sort of exists online in a not very eye-friendly format.)

3) I'm still looking for a job, so if you have any tips, job leads, or words of encouragement (heck, even if you're gonna mock me) please do share.

4) I quit working out daily. I lost waaaaaaaaaay too much weight during the first two weeks of February, my clothes are falling off. Not so flattering. (Sorry dieting people, I have roadrunner speed metabolism.)

5) It's a two-day work week. The best kind. Enjoy.


Intlxpatr said...

I heard the schools are half empty today. . . I wonder about the offices? Traffic was relatively light, a breeze!

Anonymous said...

I guess people will be back to normal life on sunday!

G.E&B said...

Yeah, judging from the number of people in my parents house this morning. No one was in school yesterday, so my siblings didn't bother going today.

I can't wait till life gets back to normal. These people are imposing on my hobo lifestyle!

eshda3wa said...

too bad i wont be here 4 the autism thingy

i want to shed a few pounds
but its hard when u eat like a pig