19 March 2008

Pass go, do NOT collect $200

Parliament dissolved (surprise!) Elections to be held May 17, 2008.

I love elections in Kuwait; it's very festive and there's always a lot to do. (And this time my voting district doesn't suck! Yippppeeeeeeee!!! )


This is what we wanted two years ago (barely) when the bill was passed to have the number of voting districts reduced to five from 25...hopefully this next Parliament will be better equipped to serve the country :) Also, let's give the government time to grow a pair...


الكويت مازالت جميلة... تفاءلوا


Big Pearls said...

I hope everything turns to the best

G and L said...

we are hopeful..Alla yastir:/

Anonymous said...

Allah yastir :? I hate politics!!

eshda3wa said...

inshallah ya rab this time around well get it rite!

G.E&B said...

inshallah...we NEED to be more optimistic!

Amu: it's gonna be a looooong 2 months for you...Allah iy3eeenik :/(ppl like me are doing the happy dance :D)