04 March 2008

V Questions.

1) Why do Kuwaitis have a thing about Qatar? What is it about? When did it start?

2) Why do older sisters assume that you're at their beck and call? (And then get pissed at you when you say no?)

3) Why do "enlightened" 7athar make fun of bedu then saying that they're all for equality and have nothing against them in the next breath? (If you're gonna be racist, at least acknowledge that you are!)

4) Why do people refuse to use their turn signals when they're turning? (And they turn at full speed...so no brakes either.) Oh while we're at it....why do people drive expensive cars when they can't afford to fix their burnt-out brake lights?

5) Why do girls pin their hijab's on both sides making a straight-edge across their foreheads? How is it cute?


Big Pearls said...

First of all, right now, meshtahya balalee6! LoL!
1-About Qatar, I have no idea, it probably started before I was born.2-I am an older sister, I don't boss my younger ones around. See I am a good older sis:p
3-7athar will always be 7athar, bedu will always stay bedu no matter what!
4-Because when you go a signal, it makes people driving behind you act worse is if you didn't give a signal at all!
5-About the hijab thing, I hate it! They think it's fashionable!

Salah said...

About Qatar and Kuwait:

There's nothing between the two countries.

It's Alwatan Newspaper against Qatar

and Aljazeera against Kuwait


G.E&B said...

Big pearls: re:2 older sisters always think they're great :P ask your sister what she thinks and get back to me.

5- yeah I don't like it either. But to each their own I guess.

Salah: it's definitely fueled by the media but trust me there's something...(i'll do some investigative journalism sometime soon)

baby said...

last year i was introduced to a guy from al thani family and he was very close relative to their she5(thats all i can say)....and he told me after some phone calls his opinion and their royal family about the invation...

i ended the phone call right then and told him never to call again...thats how shocked and disgusted i was about what he said.