04 October 2008

Big Bus Company a la Balalee6 style

Yesterday, I gave an out-of-town friend a tour of Kuwait's Gulf Road and all the landmarks along it. We started GE&B's unofficial tour at Dar Salwa (Sheikh Sabah's residence) and ended it at the oil sector headquarters (is that what it's called?) across from the old Salam Palace. Speaking of which, does anyone know why it hasn't been renovated since the occupation?

Seeing Kuwait through fresh eyes and realizing how much my life-story and it's landmark are intertwined...left me nostalgic and feeling awkwardly patriotic. As anyone who knows me will tell you my rah-rah patriotism is tepid at best. I love Kuwait but I'm not blinded by patriotism to see how sucky we can be.

I guess I sort of introduced Kuwait to them as my crazy aunt who I can't help but love but am perpetually annoyed by her. Sometimes though, more than anything I hate loving her and love hating her.

Also, between Dasman Palace, the Sha'ab Palace and Dar Salwa, I was very proud of our Shyookh's relatively humble palaces (compared to my friend's country).

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