26 October 2008

On Judgement: Remembering Ma'ez

I've heard somewhere, probably the Oprah show, that life keeps presenting us with a lesson until we learn it. I feel like for awhile now lessons about judgment have been presenting themselves to me.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've heard stories either through friends or about friends where restraining my thoughts and judgment about the "perpetrator" of these stories has been quite a challenge.

Between alcohol poisoning, OD-ing, rape, adultery and abusing parents, these first or second person accounts have been soap opera worthy.

It just all makes me wonder if I'm being tested. I mean, my morally righteous friends and I, who have have perhaps made "good decisions" whether guided by personal beliefs "7aram", fear of societal shame and worries about reputation "3aib", or because our lives have not given us the opportunity to stray yet, do we really have the right to judge anyone?!

As a Muslim, I feel judging people can be detrimental to my own Eman. Do I think I'm infallible? Or just because their sins are so pronounced and mine are concealed (atleast for now) that I am somehow better? Do I not believe that they are capable of tawba (repentance) and that God is all-loving and all-forgiving?

Withholding judgment is not easy by any means. But just recognizing that we are passing judgment and that we're probably not that much better off than those being judged could somewhat help restrain my thoughts. Also, remember the Prophet's words about Ma'ez (link in Arabic).

After all, who knows if you're last few minutes on Earth will be spent in the arms of a five-dinar-hooker? (Or as a five-dinar hooker?)

I realize my recent posts have been heavy and philosophical. I'll try to get something light and funny up here sometimes soon.

Whatever. It's my blog. I can do anything I want. You're not the boss of me.


Salah said...

Of course it's your blog!

don't worry I like these posts. I didn't like the link you put in this post because it's scary. But again it's your blog and it's Halloween.


G.E&B said...

i'm always honored that you're reading.

about the link, yeah not too excited about the website...but ma'ez's story isn't easy to find online.