29 November 2008

Camel Milk
Originally uploaded by Kuw_Son
This weekend I learned,

* camel milk tastes like milk
* rancid camel milk tastes like puke
* me + lamb + coal grill = <3
* actually, me + coal grill = magic (corn, tea, chai 7aleeb...)
* that based on the realizations above, I'd be okay living 100 years ago in the desert.
* in fact, I would have made a great Bedouin lady
* that jumping on a trampoline (for the second time in my adult life, first time being a few weeks ago) is the kind of fun that shouldn't be reserved for kids --no wonder adults walk around cranky.
* if you put a bucket full of toads close enough to a grill, a toad will inevitably jump into the grill and umm...well you know...provide grilled frog legs for dinner

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