16 March 2009

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister (a.k.a. Your Highness Shaikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah),

I've heard good things about you and your character. I'm sure if I were to knew you better, I'd like you a lot.

I think you're quite an accomplished man; a worldly man, if I may. You speak several languages, you've lived in a lot of places. You stood for Kuwait through its harshest time. (Dude, wikipedia says you were the one who did "hunna ilkuwait" from Khafji for the first time. That is awesome!)

Shaikh Nasser, Kuwait was thrilled when you came into office. You were pegged a "reformer" and God knows how much this country needs a political savior.

We applauded you as you took an oath to uphold the constitution. We cringed as you faced a cow-suit crazy Parliament time and time again. We were as frustrated as you probably are at how stalled everything in Kuwait is.

Then things came up, like your failed cabinets. Five cabinets in four years?

Throughout the less than spectacular events, you continued to uphold the constitution and I in turn continued to give you the benefit of the doubt. I cheered you on.

But then MP Al-Molaifi brought up some questions about your Diwan's expenditures and wanted to question you. Instead of clearing your good name and answering the Parliament's questions, you took the less transparent route and sought to have the government resign.

Now the questions have come up a second time and again instead of clearing your name, you seem to favor resigning.

Dear Sir, if there's anything my short 25 years on this planet have taught me it's that running from your problems never works.

I understand that your political ambitions might be driving your "escape". If I could, I'd want to be Amir too, and a potential Amir cannot stand in parliament and be voted "down", believe me, I understand. (I also understand the crazy Ruling family politics involved.)

But you took an oath to uphold the constitution. The constitution says you can absolutely be questioned in parliament. Being a Prime Minister of Kuwait is a job and by constitution, you're accountable to the Kuwaiti people's representatives. Yes the parliament sucks and the MP's are dingbats; but you took an oath.

Your Highness Shaikh Nasser, I'm asking you to set a daring precedent, take the stand, clear your name and respect the contract between us.

Your loving daughter,

P.S. I saw you once on a BBC program, I was probably seven or eight, and you were talking about the liberation and you said, "even the ducks were crying". Also, I'm very proud of you for losing the weight, yay health!

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