27 March 2009

objects in mirror are closer than they appear

I was blog-hopping the other day and came across a real life acquaintance's blog. It's amusing and creepy because it seems that either this person is embellishing their life greatly or living a secretive double life.

I often wonder how honest bloggers are. I understand that most of us write our entries with keystrokes of both fact and fiction. We bold our thoughts, italicize our reactions and upload pictures that we choose very carefully.

Somewhere within these uniquely constructed realities our truths lie. Afterall, our online personas are only one facet of ourselves right?

I've known quite a few people who are the proverbial life of the facebook party but are wall flowers in real life. Or are against talking to men and consider me a heathen for having male friends and are very friendly with dudes either on blogs or on facebook. I find this dichotomy both fascinating and disturbing.

It's extremely offputting to me because I've chosen a very strong "World, this is me. I live with this me everyday, at home and out, in front of my parents and away, in Kuwait and abroad, in real life and on the interwebs"-approach to life.

How truthful to your real-life self are you? If I found out who you are, or came across your blog, how shocked would I be?


eshda3wa said...

not to shocked with me

wat u see is wat u get

Anonymous said...

Honestly I'd say in real life I'm just as how I appear on my blog.

I've always held this notion that there are fake bloggers out there in the sense that they're different in real life but never bumped into someone like that.

Or not yet at least.