03 May 2009

Tis the season: Aseel vs. hijab

Aseel's alleged words about hijab have caused an uproar in my social circles. Personally, I believe it was her in the recording because it's hard to mimic the way someone speaks in both English and Arabic. I'd love to be wrong.

Regardless, her statements aren't shocking to me as I'm familiar with her extreme liberal views.

Her personal beliefs do not concern me, but what does is the lack of respect in the language she used and her extreme naivete. At the very least, have the decency to write the ayah down if you're going to be preaching about it.

Although I'm not convinced she'd make a great politician, I still think she'd be good for women in general.

Reblogged from May 21, 2008:

"Aseel: the anti-Haleema

Although, I'm wasn't in a position to vote for Aseel Al-Awadhi, third
constituency candidate, nor do I agree with her ideology completely, I think
she's great for Kuwait.From Nouriya Al-Sadani to Rola Dashti*, never before have
we had a young(-ish) feminine soft-spoken candidate running for elections.
Kuwaiti women seeking powerful positions, whether real or fictitious (as in TV
soaps), are always older, more androgynous and generally deemed
"undesirable". (Sweeping generalizations, shame on me). Aseel in a way, is the
anti-Haleema Boland.

This elections' lesson: You don't have to be a ditz to make it;
politics isn't for butch girls."

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