04 August 2009

The Beginning.
  • I met a man who smells like pickles. It wasn't a bad smell, it wasn't good either. It just was...pickles. Now I wonder if I smell like a food item.
  • I'm traveling again tomorrow. I think I've been out of town almost every month this year. It's a good thing.
  • I'm in awe of people who are perky all the time.
  • I am convinced that I'd make an excellent cleaning lady despite not having made my bed in over two weeks.
  • I've been in a funk for a few weeks now (see above).
  • When I'm in a funk, I'm either reading all the newpapers in the world or none at all for weeks.
  • I'm looking forward to Ramadan, although I'm not excited about the nocturnal lifestyle that will follow.
  • I have no work projects lined up for Ramadan. I hate not working in Ramadan.
  • I don't really have a firm plan for post Ramadan either.
  • Two of my friends have vanished into thin air recently, One can be accounted for on facebook. Two can't. I worry about Two.
  • Another friend's wedding was a few days ago. In another country. I wanted to go. Now I wait for pictures. But the Bride's too busy to send.
  • I've been saying I need to go in for a checkup at the dentist for over four months. I have not gone yet.
  • I have a whole bunch of government related paperwork that I must complete. Soon. Hopefully, I'll get started before Ramadan.
  • My friend just had a baby. Strangely, he has a grown man's face (not as freaky as Benjamin Button). He also has a funny nose. And smells of spit-up.
  • A friend's wedding to the Best Boy in the World's happening soon. I'm sooo excited but this funk's getting in the way. (Also, anticipating soul-sucking drama.)
  • I think I lost my cell phone. FOUND!
  • I can't find a picture I like for my blog's header. I also hated the stupid template I had used earlier. I want to find one that is not frilly and not "theme-y"...is that even possible considering most people designing these things are like 14?
  • I've deactivated my facebook account over three times in the past two weeks. Funk made me do it.
  • I haven't updated my blog because I dont't seem to have many original thoughts, as you can see.
  • I've watched both versions of Pride and Prejudice in the past week (BBC and Keira Knightly) and am ridiculously annoyed by Jane's facial expressions. Both actresses gave an annoying performance.
  • And what's with the stupid sad smile? NO ONE'S THAT NICE. No wonder Mr. Bingley dumped you, you're flippin' INSUFFERABLE!
  • Speaking of insufferable, Keira Knightly needs to learn to open her mouth and speak. This talking through the teeth thing is not so cute.
The End.

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eshda3wa said...

imbarak 3alaich ilshahar :)