31 January 2010

And the card attached would say...Thank you for being a friend

I'm lucky that I have friends...

  • who can pull me out of my apathy (not an easy feat by anyone's standards).
  • who make me want to be better all around...because of their awesomeness.
  • who tell me to I'm prettier than x,y, and z
  • who want me in their lives.
  • who call, email and text message...even when I don't.
  • who call at midnight because they found someone they think I should marry and think of elaborate schemes to make me fall in love.
  • who tell me that they're proud of being my friend.
  • who miss me when I don't IM for days, or haven't seen me in years.
  • who know not to hug me when I'm crying.
  • who get my humor and think I'm funny even when I'm pushing it.
  • who trust me enough to ask for my opinion.
  • who know that their secrets are safe with me.
  • who, when coming over to my house, call as they drive by the supermarket to ask if I need anything. Do I have enough drinks? Ice? Napkins?
  • who will tell me to trim my hair 'cause no prince is ever gonna need to climb it.
  • who tell me my pants are too tight, my shirt is too short, my bun is too big.
  • who will make tea and bum with me at home when I don't feel like going out.
  • who will read someone's facebook status and then call me screaming "OMG! YOU HAVE TO CHECK X'S STATUS."
  • who believe in me.
  • who love my mom, because (1)she's my mom (2) she's amazing
  • who love me.
  • who share good memories, bad memories and embarrassing ones in private only.
  • who answer my absurd questions, most frequently "do you think misyar's halal? would you ever do it?"
  • who share my love for Michael Scott, President Bartlett, Liz Lemon, Stephen Colbert and Nikki Hendrickson. And Sam Seaborn. Especially Sam Seaborn.
  • who get psyched about watching political debates with me.
  • who will listen to me going on and on about Kuwaiti politics whether they're interested or not.
  • who allow me to make Arabic coffee in our shared room, even when the leftover grinds looks like diarrhea in the bathroom trashcan.
  • who allow me to be part of their lives.
  • who answer my many many many unnecessary questions.
  • who trust me with their kids.
  • who ride in my car, regardless of how clean, stinky or fancy it is.
  • who share my love for Nigra.
  • who bring nail polish with them 'cause they got some that will match the outfit I'm wearing tomorrow.
  • who attempt to wake me up for Fajer prayer. Even though they've tried all five days this week with no success.
  • who share their books with me.
  • who share my Sarah Palin hate.
  • who will not blackmail me with photos/videotape/recordings of me.
  • who are patient.
  • who will pick me up from airports even when they have better things to do.
  • who will drop me off at airports including Sharjah International. Even with Dubai-Sharjah traffic jams.
  • who will drive all the way from Abu Dhabi to spend a day with me.
  • who will find a way to spend a few hours with me even when it's not the most convenient time/place for them.
  • who will lend me hair accessories, dresses, shoes and whatever else they think I may need...although it almost never fits.
  • who truly believe that I know everything.
  • who don't believe that I know everything but will tell people I do anyway.
  • who will host me in their homes for days.
  • who understand that I need to be fed every few hours and ask me if I'm hungry in between those hours.
  • whose eyes light up when they say "coffee?"
  • who will tolerate my outrage about pretty much anything and everything.
  • who understand the importance of customer service and will back me up when I flip out and go on a "May I talk to the manager, please?" rant.
  • who will share my excitement over coupons, sales and other deals.
  • who will tolerate my Arabic pop culture ignorance and attempt to fill me in.
  • who believe in the power of gmail and gtalk the talk.
  • who have a sense of humor.
  • who I can trust.
  • who I am proud of.
  • whose awesomeness can fill the internets a few times over, to save some internet space for future generations this will end here.

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Maryooma said...

SAM SEABORNE!! Drooooooooooool!! and Barlette was definitely one of the greatest leaders in American history!!
OMG I have a brilliant idea.....next time im in Q8/Jeddah we have to have a "West Wingathone"! Im getting excited just thing about it! Oh oh and then we can watch Sara Palin's interview with Katie Couric and the other one with Oprha and laugh obnoxiously at her primitive brain!!