29 June 2010

يارب الفيسبوك

I caught myself today, thinking a prayer then quickly pulling my phone out to update my status/tweet that prayer. I didn't even actually say it. I stopped myself because that prayer isn't intended for the 500/600 people who get my updates.

When I scroll through social networking updates, there's often of quite a few prayer updates. It makes me wonder if we've relegated everyday supplications, calls of help/frustration/gratitude to social networking rather than God.

It worries me that I can't remember when the last time I've expressed a heartfelt thought to God rather than to a stupid social networking site. And I'm not even one of those whose every thought is parlayed into a status/tweet.

Just a thought.


BitJockey said...

What a nice thought to share. Hopefully many will take the time to reflect and contemplate their own actions.

Touché said...

It makes you think how times has changed and pressed the pedals, and meanwhile we immersed ourselves into a life that is carrying us away from what matters the most.

It just shows how naive we tend to get.

G said...

BitJockey: I hope so too. Touche: We're never alone anymore. That's what makes it different, I think.

Maryooma said...

Great thought G!