19 September 2010

How my blog turned into Shayma Ali

Ladies and gentlemen, if I ever even begin to consider plastic surgery smack me. I have no self control. A simple exercise on this blog has lead me to believe that I will inevitably turn into Shayma Ali if I ever went the surgery route.

So this is what happened, I was uninspired by the look of my blog, so I considered a face lift.

Add another sidebar. Change the colors. Find a completely new theme. Add enough widgets to make a blog reader's head spin. Delete all the widgets. Bring some back. Change the header. Decide that the header was too girly. Change it back. Make it bigger.

Search other blogs. Hmm Nav Menus are for important people. Decide I am important enough for a menu. Get a menu. Have nothing to put in the menu since I'm actually not important enough for a menu. Delete the menu. What the heck, bring the anorexic menu back. Change the display picture. Consider branding. Rethink branding the blog with my feet. Decide I like my feet picture so much, I keep it.

I had to stop somewhere. Readers, this way taking over my day. I don't like the way it looks but I'm going to keep it anyway. Because ultimately unlike Shayma Ali, this is not my face. And I don't care.

So that's the story of my blog face lift and how it lead me to understand Shayma's conundrum.

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