21 October 2010

Addendum: 10 things I have to say about the doodle situation.

1) All this craziness remind me of Arabic dubbed telenovelas of the 90's. Now, what we really need is a girl/guy from Alsaeed to fall inlove with a girl/guy from Almalich to add to the drama. Forbidden love! I cannot resist!

2) Does this mean that all Alsaeed's as a family agree with Scope TV's line?

3) Class cannot be bought, seriously.

4) What Almalich (those who were involved) proved is (a)their mistrust of the system, (b)their immaturity (especially Faisal, who's a diplomat for God's sake) (c)the craziness that is Kuwaiti politics.

5) Freedom of speech sucks. I mean, it's a great thing and absolutely necessary for a strong democracy...but it really sucks when it allows idiots to do whatever they want with no restraint but their warped judgment. We don't have to like what they say but we must accept the practice.
Whether it's in Kuwait, Florida, London, or Doha..in person or across the airwaves...people are free to say whatever they want.
If you don't like what someone says about you on television you can do one or more of the following:
a) file a lawsuit
b) demand that they retract,
c) turn off the station and never watch it again
d) start your own station and say whatever you want about them
e) ignore them.

6) I'm glad the people who mobbed Scope TV were from the "Royal Family". I can just imagine the racist editorials about bedou and their lack of civility if they were the ones who attacked. Speaking of civility, by and large bedou were the ones who held a demonstration when Scope aired Juwaihel's racist rant.

7) Schadenfreude, I have it. Scope totally deserved it and totally had it coming. And my hate for Fajer Alsaeed and her brother, Talal, know no bounds. (Yes I know, hate's a big word.)

8) Two million dinars in damages are nothing. Especially considering their alleged backing by the Prime Minister and his peeps.

9) Now Sabahi's are suing Scope? A few days too late?

10) This is hilarious. It's like a YouTube comments battle coming to life. Please do not let us get in the way.

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