13 December 2010

This changes everything...

Dr. Ubaid Alwasmi being pulled by force out of MP Jima'an Al-Herbesh's house by high ranking police officers, Major General Khalil Al-Shamali and Colonel Shukri Al-Najjar, seen in the video.

This isn't even about the right to a peaceful assembly anymore.

This is about security forces violating personal property,going into someone's house to find a wanted person without any kind of official warrant.

This is about police brutality.

This is about the government running amok, acting like a mob, without respect for the rule of law or it's people.

This is about our dignity.

This is about making sure no person drunk on power decides to take your house, fire you from your job because they don't like you.

This is about not having to dance on command.

This is the about the right to feel safe in your home.

This is about knowing that if they can do this to a respected law professor, they can do this to you.

If this disgusts you as much as it does me, say something. Anything.

Don't come running in 20 years when a shaikh spits on your kid and you're forced to say "ماي ورد طال عمرك".

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Manal said...

الله يفرجها

وقلتها من قبل

نحتاج التحلي بالهدوء
ولكن مهم توظيح موقفنا من الاحداث

لالالالالالالالالالا لقمع الحريات


تويتر منور بوجودج وكتاباتج