16 January 2011

واحنا شكو بتونس؟

My 15 month old nephew started walking recently. And at first, whenever he unfurled his hand from the table's edge to walk two steps and land with a thud on the couch, he would squeal with joy. His face lit up with excitement as he walked around. Every time he left the safety of the couch behind and ventured into the middle of the living room we would all watch intently with both worry and delight.

I remembered Abdulrahman, my nephew's first few steps while watching Tunisia's protests. The familiar Oh-my-God-did-you-see-that feeling was back. It's thrilling to realize that Arabs are capable of ridding themselves of tyranny. That people, like you and I, are a force that can change the course of history.

I love what's happening in Tunisia. What comes next is a mystery and I pray for a real democracy and prosperity in Tunisia.

What do Tunisia's events have to do with Kuwait? Aside from providing an example of the power of the people, nothing.

We don't have a despot who's in power illegally. We don't want anyone exiled. We don't even have a personal problem with the person we're calling on to resign. We want the law applied equally to everyone. We want people to take responsibility for their decisions.

Any parallels being drawn to say we want a total revolution and regime change is a lie. Some people have a limited mental capacity and they have a hard time understanding relativity.

From day one all we've called for is responsibility and reform. Tunisia or no Tunisia, we won't back down.

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