23 May 2012

Lessons from Kuwait: Harvard is for dimwits

Dear Kuwaiti high school graduate,

Congratulations! Graduating highschool is a big deal--not really, but it's the biggest thing that has happened in your life at this point--yay! for! you!

Now, if you plan on living in Kuwait for the rest of your life read on; if not, go toss and fetch your graduation cap like you're your own pet.

Harvard, MIT, Oxford...any Ivy League, Oxbridge institution or any top University that you've been accepted to needs to be crossed off your list RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Sure, you're smart and want to get the best education and be surrounded by driven people, good for you--but you need to think about your future.

Your GPA will be all that matters when you apply anywhere in Kuwait. Well, that and your family connections but we won't get into that today. So take those acceptance letters and frame them if you need the validation but do NOT go there.

Top universities are for dimwits who think education has inherent value. Kuwait is no dimwit, my friend.

For a bright Kuwaiti future, this is what you do: Find a University program in Egypt, Philippines or Kuwait, where you can get an 8.0 out of a four point scale and go there.

Trust me on this one.

An IDIOT who has learned the hard way.

P.S.: no offense to Zagazig University, it might actually be respectable I dunno. 

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