25 August 2007

First Golden Khalalah Award!

Because of the negative and slightly political nature of my last few posts, this post is is my way of 'repenting'. (I don't think any of us need anymore darkness in our lives.)

In an effort to bring more positivity and yumminess to Kuwaiti blogs I'm proud to present Green Eggs and Balalee6's First Golden Khalalah (غولدن خلالة) Award to the people at We Love Kuwait.com

I love the people at http://www.welovekuwait.com for caring enough about our children to make a difference.

One of my favorite posts on their site
talks about something I strongly believe: the way we spend our money says more about our values better than almost anything ever does.

'Put your money where your kid's mouth is and quit feeding them McDonald's' is kinda the thought.

The blog's format is difficult to read because of the inserts of Jumanah's articles in Al-Nadha (I think!) but the posts written are worth reading because there clearly is passion behind them.

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Ony said...

hi! i just saw this now its soo sweet i tried to find ur email address so i can thank u for ur sweetness ! but i couldnt find it please do email me back! thanks so much :)