22 August 2007

I know what you're doing this fall...

YoooooooooooooooooMa! Scary few days.

I ran into someone I know at my old job today.

MM: So you really did it?
G: Yup, I quit *grin*
MM: Good for you, ta3jibeeni, I'm going to be doing that pretty soon myself too.
G: Seriously?! Did you find another job yet?
MM: No I'm leaving the country?
G: Oh...lucky! Are you studying?
MM: No actually, I just don't think I can live here much longer, especially with the current security situation.
G: Yeah...the last few days have been pretty messed up.
MM: And I have a big mouth...3adi bacher ma5theeni amn ildawla.

I'm stunned. That's what we've come to..? People are thinking of moving for fear of persecution. This guy is an intelligent, young, hardworking man; if people like him leave, who's staying?! (Sa'adoun Hammad...ummm I can still talk about Sa'adoun Hammad 9a7??)

I'm glad Bashar and Jassem are back home.

But it's a disturbing "precedent". We've been calling for a developed publications law that can deal with digital publishing and all that for what seems like forever but the Parliament and Cabinet have been too busy with their dirty politics to pay attention.

And besides, couldn't they have spared Bashar the whole 'experience'? I'm sure they could've found and arrested the anonymous commenter without much fuss. So why the spectacle?

There's nothing I hate more than feeling like a pawn in someone's chess game, now I feel the whole country is being held hostage by a handful of people.

Kuwait, I suggest popping some popcorn and melting some butter 'cause this is gonna be a !@#$ed up screening of a twisted movie.

I wonder how it's gonna end...(looking for warm socks and a shawl...movie theaters are always sooo cold!)


EarthQuaker said...

and again a nice post from GE&B, well speaking about my self i think thats its fair enough for people who are "intelligent and hard workers" to leave and find a better chance in life instead of working for nothing "in the end all you're going to have is a 300 kd salary" which wont be enough to get you much of decent life around here!

Anonymous said...

You bet! Good thing I'll be out of the country. I don't want bad news reaching me about how worse and worse Kuwait becomes.