20 August 2007

طلال and سعود

طلال السعيد

... يتباكى على حال الوطن

If you haven't heard former MP Talal Al-Saed's qaseeda where he 'cries' at Kuwait's current situation yet, consider yourself lucky. (It's obvious he has a personal thing with Sharar aka Al-Mustashar)Not because it's a bad qaseeda, although I'm not completely convinced of his شاعرية, I'm kinda insulted by his lame attempt.

Talal, where were you when you were enjoyed a seat in parliament and the cabinet's generosity? You were a puppet. Now that no one in government gives a rat's ass what you do and no one's paying you to put your arm up in the air, you're crying over what we've come to?..Oh what a patriot! Get a life!

سعود صاهودالمطيري

If I hear his name one more time I'm going to scream! The guy is a self-made billionaire apparently, a Kuwaiti real-estate mogul. In the past couple of months, the dude's mug has been plastered all over the papers and it seems like he's all people talk about.

A self-made millionaire; anywhere else on the planet people would be looking up to him. In Kuwait, people are digging, he's into money-laundering, he's backed by Shyookh... where else did he get his money from?!

I have no idea whether his money is 'clean' or not and honestly I don't care. If he's corrupt, he's not the only one, and he doesn't seem to be doing the country much harm. (Maybe I think this way due to ignorance.) But this fascination with صاهود must come to an end soon. (I also think he's being a media puppy at the moment...he's gonna be on CNBC tomorrow I think...hopefully that'll be the end of him.)

My family has been talking about him at lunch for over a week now. Please stop talking about سعود صاهود pass the دقوس!

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