19 August 2007

10 things I vow never to do

How did all these things become acceptable to us? (By us I mean 5aleeji's in general not just Kuwaitis...although some are more Kuwait-specific than others).
10 things I vow never to do*:

1) Wear a denim jacket in the summer. (This is a few years too late as that was ‘in’ a couple of years ago but be sure...if that trend comes around I will not be joining the masses.)

2) Have a stupid post-delivery baby reception at the hospital a.k.a. Isti8bal (Istihbal). Spending hundreds of dinars to impress people you barely know immediately after you’ve had a baby..? Oh how fun!

3) Buy a car that costs three times what I make in a year to drive around Kuwait’s streets. Can you spell S-U-C-K-E-R?

4) Pick a woman out of a line-up to live with my family, and then leave my children alone with her for a specified amount of time each day. That’s what daycare’s for, cheapskate.

5) Marry someone for their money, their last name, or their mother.

6) Go to the same restaurant every week. (Maki, anyone?)

7) Grow a second head in my hijab. (Gives new meaning to Fergie’s “My humps”)

8) Paint a face that doesn’t resemble my face on my face. Oh I should add this one here, shave off all or part of my eyebrows and color them in. (“Chinese” eyebrows anyone?)

9) Scam the government to get undeserved money ‘cause I’m poor (related to #3).

10) Get one of those “ba6ala mu8ana3a” jobs, where you punch a time card sit around, eat, gossip, and leave (see #9, #3).

* subject to change at any moment.


EarthQuaker said...

u stunned me with the way you think, specially as a girl... i thought u ppl were addicted to "showing off" more than any one :=p , wish you the best... keep up the good job

GE&B said...


You thought wrong! I think both 'boys' and 'girls' can be excessively materialistic.

I'll accept your words graciously as a compliment, although its quite double-handed :|

Thanks for stopping by :D

om-ta7seen said...

loved it!

Hassan said...

حسن الحضارة مجلوب بتطرية

وفي البداوة حسن غير مجلوب

أفدي ظباء فلاة مــــا عرفن بها

مضغ الكلام ولا صبغ الحواجيب

ولا برزن من الحمــــــــام ماثلة

أوراكــــــهن، صقيلات العراقيب!