25 January 2008

Khaleejies + Facebook !=* love

I remember the good old days when a handful of Khaleejies** were on Facebook. Those idyllic days before I had to put my profile on lock-down.

I reminisce about those days that precede Facebook's khaleeji popularity. Before the cyber-sex invitations and the marriage proposals.

Once upon a time, (lamma kan awaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! awaaaaaaaaaaaaal! min ziman) I had a face and a search-able name. Now I have neither.

I'm convinced Facebook was not made for Khaleejies. We don't get it. Connecting with people using your real name online is too complex of a concept for us. Most Khaleejies use the internet primarily to meet members of the opposite sex...and few use their real name for illicit purposes.

Unlike many Khaleejies, I actually use the social networking website to connect with friends abroad or people I don't regularly both near or far. High school friends, college roommates, second/fifteenth cousins are all updated regularly about my oh-so-exciting life. I have pictures of me, my family, pets, home, and friends up to share with my "friends." (All the pictures are decent to the nth degree I assure you...)

I'm not against getting to know people online. I just really hate it when people step in and "cheapen" something that is of great use to me. So now when people ask "you're on Facebook?" and I say I use my real name, I get a weird look with a side of "min 9ijjich?!"

A while back "Maryooma Om-Almarayim"(not her real fake name) sent me a message on Facebook. Her profile picture was her body's silhouette on a white background, it's (or was) quite suggestive...I'm think she must be a "friend"'s friend to be able to see my name. I digress.

Message to Maryooma: Using a pseudonym for your profile is lame. Picking up guys online is light years beyond lame. That's why I'm not gonna bother to reply to your message. Get a life. Get off Facebook.

And Ooooo don't get me started about people who post pictures of celebrities as their profile picture. Whatdayouknow?! I'm friends with Jessica Simpson, Haifa Wehbe, Eva Longoria, and some random porn star!

To all those who are waiting to cry foul, I'm not elitist, I don't mind how popular it the network is, I mind how cheap they're making it.

* In computer programming != means 'not equal to.'...don't ask me how I know that.

** Khaleejies: citizens of the Arabian/Persian peninsula more specifically the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman).


Andreia said...

Hi there! I found your blog by another blog......anyway I´m reading your posts, I´m brazilian so I can´t write in English very well, but it´s very nice to meet your page!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the title and well written :)

GE&B said...

@ amu: your too kind. thanks. the title's a geek-trap. don't fall for it. ;)