14 January 2008

Mrs. Dr. Eng. Lawyer. Zifta.

Will someone tell me what the hell is up with titles?!

I've come to terms with the whole Dr. situation in the Middle East, that is: if you don't include Dr. before someone who has a PhD's name ur up for some crazy shit.

But lately, Engineers and Lawyers, rather people with engineering a law degrees, YOUNG people with engineering and law degrees have been getting really offended by me not calling them Engineer Zifta and Al-Ostath Zift.

NEWS FLASH: if you work in marketing, I don't care what ur freggin diploma says I'm not calling you "Engineer". Engineer is not a title (neither should most PhD recipients be called Dr. but that's another post for another day) so when I'm talking to you whether in a professional/casual setting I'm not gonna call you Engineer.

Oh and you don't deserve a "kadar" either...7abeebti, just because you did well in high school then felt like you would be compromising your intelligence by getting any other degree than Engineering or Medicine (and we all know Doctor's don't get married) so you chose to study Engineering based on what your "prestige" and society dictate, does not mean you're a freggin' engineer! Capiche!*

Just as a Teacher isn't a teacher unless they actually teach in schools, engineering is a profession and yes for the most part a degree is required BUT your degree doesn't guarantee a title.

* I know at least three girls who made their career decisions in this way. "I'm too good to be with the stupid people in any other major, I want to get married so medical school is out of the question, engineering it is." Then they realize that they don't actually want to do the tough work at their jobs.(these girls are intelligent and can do the work but they "outsourced" their projects during their school years and paid to get them done) So they take desk/administrative/non-engineering jobs then require that they get paid what engineers do and hold the title "engineer".

Of course not all women engineers are stupid as these women are.

I'm off my soapbox now.

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