20 January 2008

My biggest fear

What if this is it?

There's no better job.
My living situation is not temporary.
No better political atmosphere.
No companionship, no real friends.
No ebbing, no flowing, just this
No grad school
No better tomorrows.
No worse tomorrow either.
Just this.

I'm not complaining about my life. I appreciate how privileged I am. It's just that I keep telling myself that it'll get better in the future. That settling is not an option. That if I hang tight, it'll start looking up.

My life is fine. It's just uninspired that's all.


eshda3wa said...

i guess u should inspire ur self!

or atleast aspire to it!

GE&B said...

I try, but trust me its easier said than done (that's another blog post).