19 January 2008

No guts, no glory

Like a lot of Muslim women who cover I have an interesting relationship with my hair. In fact like most women populating this planet I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I'm lucky enough to be able to ignore it for weeks at a time, only paying attention when I'm having an awful hair-day or a big event where it needs to cooperate and be styled impeccably.

Most days I pay no attention to it whatsoever. Till I get bored with life and instead of going in for a trim I ask my wonderful hairstylist to hack it off. "All of it?!" Sure. I did this a little over a year ago when I had her cut my hair a little longer than chin-length ('cause I need to be able to pull it back in a pony-tail). Today I noticed my hair was almost past my elbow again. I guess I should be counting my blessings to have hair that grows faster than the speed of light.

The thing with having hair that grows so fast is that drastic changes only last a few months and hair requires constant upkeep. If I were to color my hair, roots are already in the minute I step out the beauty shop. And a nice, different hairdo needs a "restyling" trim.

All this to say...

I'm bored with my hair and wished I had more guts to do this

shave my head.

sport a colorful mohawk.

color my hair pink (not that it would be flattering with my skintone)

and last but not least dread my hair (no sex change..I just love this dude's dreads.)

(last two images courtesy onyxdragonflyy,tiagopavan,flickr)

Why not go for it? (being covered and having crazy hair growth are great reasons to)
1) I'm too much of a chicken and conformer.
2) I love my mother and any of the above would give her a heart attack. (I love you, Mommy)

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