31 January 2008

To DuBuy with Love

Dubai is at it again. This time its channeling Lyon. Great!
Like Dubai isn't as fake or confusing as it is now without the whole faux Lyon. I like Dubai. I have great friends there (hi friends! waving frantically, blowing kisses). But its very confusing to me.

Las Vegas, I get. It's kitschy, it's over the top, it's like a drag queen. Dubai is just staged, fake, more like an imposture. It's more like a transvestite who's trying too hard and not enjoying himself/herself in the process. (what a weird metaphor! how did I come up with that?!!)

Dubai is like a woman with the great personality who keeps getting plastic surgery and ends up looking like a blowup doll with Pam Anderson's breasts, Angelina's lips, Michael Jackson's nose (riiiiiight!) and Nancy Ajram's overinflated cheekbones. The lady you want to hug and say 7abeebti, please stop! you're starting to look like a freak. You were much prettier to begin with!

It's a pretty cool city...I just wish it would stop doing this to itself and have the guts to be a little more authentic.

Dubai, we will always love you for who you are.

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powder said...

lol . i dont understand :P