01 February 2008

I gotta get moving

It's February! Awhile back I decided that during this year I'm going to pick a month to exercise every single day no excuses.

I chose the shortest one: February (I didn't realize it was a leap year...dang it!). Now it's here. And I have to exercise.

On the bright side, February's a great month weather-wise in Kuwait so I could exercise outside. YAY me!

This is gonna be great I tell you, great!!(Now I'm off to exercise.)

(Insert spiffy transition...I got nothing)

On March 1, 2008 (a Saturday) the Kuwait Center for Autism is marking the Arab Autism Day with a walk-athon. The walk-athon kicks off at 9:30 a.m. from the Swimming Pools complex to the Green Island.

They have booths set up for registration evenings only (5:30-9:30 p.m.) at Marina Mall starting tomorrow till the 22nd, at Soug Sharg from February 24-26 , and at the Avenues Mall on the 27th. For more information Call the center at 251-6192 or email at kwautism-AT-qualitynet-DOT-om.

It's a good cause and hopefully the weather will still be nice. More people, more more press coverage, more money, more awareness...and then maybe someday we'll stop hearing people say "he was so beautiful when he was two that people gave him the evil eye and he became autistic." Seriously.

(This time, I'm off to exercise for real.)

(photo "Don't Exercise Too Hard!" courtesy legolam, flickr)

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