22 February 2008

Linkinstan: Live, Learn and get Luvs Edition

This week I learned:

a) that despite different backgrounds and living circumstances, Craig Harper, Unique Muslimah, and our very own Swair all share similar feelings about marriage.

b) that 14.3 million dollars, used to buy a vanity license plate, could have helped over 2,383 Egyptian couples get married. (I did the math, please be kind.)

c) that I love Regina Spektor. Great song. Genius video. Lyrics here.

d) الناس للناس والكل بالله (more on this later.)


H...E said...

who did the math? your father? ;)

G.E&B said...

okaaaaaaay so it took me awhile to figure it out myself :| lazim ilfathaye7..? (I'm still not sure if its right)

Swair. said...

الناس للناس والكل بالله... So so so very true :(