20 February 2008

To whom it may concern,

One of the reasons I blog is because I have found that writing a journal is very cathartic. Unfortunate to me, I'm more comfortable typing than writing by hand...but when I did journal on my laptop I wasn't comfortable sharing it (my sister borrows it a lot). In an effort to become a kinder, more generous sister: I created a blog.

I blog for myself. For no one in particular and for everyone. I have shared my blog with a few people but none of my family.

I chose to be anonymous because I share my frustrations about friends and family a lot. I'm very private in real life. Many times I share personal information or feelings I'm not comfortable fessing up to in real life. I'm not hiding behind an pseudonym, I'm shedding a sometimes constricting shell.

Having said that, I don't need to be anonymous. I don't have much to hide. I'm not a "bad" girl by any stretch of the imagination. I don't lead a double-life. I haven't written anything that I am ashamed of.

So when I get e-mails that say "I know who you are." I laugh them off...good for you*. I know who I am too. Then, when they assume I'm threatened by their emails, I get very confused. I have no idea why people think that would scare me. It doesn't. Absolute worst case scenario is I'll click the delete blog button and move on with my life and journal elsewhere.

If you have problems keeping your multiple personalities straight and imagined lives apart, I don't. I don't Jekyll or Hyde. Like Popeye, I am who I am. The same person. In the house and out. In Kuwait and abroad. Online and in real life. (But you knew that since you "know" me!)

Please don't project your flippin' insecurities on me.

Now, if my blog touches you in anyway, whether it makes you laugh (at/with me...doesn't really matter), feel good about yourself, amuses you, or tickles your fancy in anyway at all please don't hesitate to read along and join the conversation if you feel inclined to do so. (I have nothing against you personally. well, I'll forget soon enough.)

All I ask is that you respect my privacy.

*Hey smartypants...I'm easily identifiable on the blog anyway. I've gotten two "do you blog?" phone calls as well as a few emails. What can I say...my great personality shines through! (in case you're the dimwit I think you are...that was a joke)


Anonymous said...

let me tell u some thing...your blog is really nice... I have filtered through your previous posts and its u who I find in this blog.. I mean I never felt reading a post about you that you are faking it up or pretending to be what you are not...Keep it rocking...

N to who ever that person is...if they have the courage to write and tell u that they know who you are they shouldnt chicken out from giving out their name..thats just showing how coward that person is!!

G.E&B said...

Thank you Amu, your comment warmed my heart. It's been a demanding week and I kinda cracked. You've made my day :D

Anonymous said...

good to know that...our blogsphere is filled with nice people so when you need them..just shout we all are here :) Good Day ...