19 February 2008

Can you hear me now? Zing!

We're all at the maternity hospital with my sister. My sister in law, who has a six month old son, and me are in the room. A female relative in her early 40's, known for her crass nature, enters the room.

After greeting us all with kisses she settles in (and takes aim).

Relative to sister: Another boy! You'll have to try for a girl sometime soon. (Zing!)
Sister: Allah Kareem; the most important thing is that the baby's healthy al7amdilla.
Relative: No. You have to have a girl. You don't understand how different a daughter is.
(My sister gives me a look, I control my smiles.)

Relative then turns to sister in law: Your baby's how old now?
SIL: Six months.
Relative: Mashallah. You should get pregnant soon. (Zing!) It's better to have children close in age. And you have to have a girl. The house is full of boys, the need a baby girl.
SIL: Inshallah, I'd love a girl...but I don't know, I just went back to work...
Relative (interrupting): What are you waiting for?

I interrupt the conversation by offering some sticky sweet tiny caramel bar and coffee.
Relative (looks up at me): Have you gotten a job yet?
Me: Not yet. Allah Kareem.
Relative: You shouldn't have quit your job; it was a great job.
Me: It's all naseeb.
Relative: What do you have? You're not married. No children. And no job. (ZING!)

I don't respond. My sweet SIL starts talking about our cousin getting engaged diffusing the awkward situation.

The woman went from 0-60 in no time. She spent less than 10 minutes with us because her husband was waiting outside, yet managed to make everyone in the room feel bad in one way or another. That's what I call talent.


eshda3wa said...

yeah we got a relative like that too

i think everyone has one of the zing types in their family!

G.E&B said...

I know, right! I wonder if we can round them up and ship them off somewhere?!