19 February 2008

Welcome to the circus, Little Man!

Baby Foot
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My sister had her third son yesterday. I haven't seen him yet, since he was born in Al-Sabah's Maternity hospital and they don't allow "stranger" into the nursery. Other than that, the hospital isn't half as bad as the stories you hear.

Only the parents are allowed in the nursery apparently. My sister, who had a c-section yesterday morning, wasn't well enough to go see him, so I thought they'd at least let me go to take a picture for her. The nurse at the nursery wouldn't let me in and refused to take a picture herself (wasn't very compassionate of her).

I received a text message from my brother-in-law this morning. But was greeted by Timtim,4, with a "the doctor tore my Mommy's belly and pulled the baby out" as I walked into my parent's house later in the day. He also said that regardless of what his parents call the baby he's going to call him Bader.

Jooj, 2, who now became a middle-child, told me (at the top of his lungs) with a lot of conviction that baby was not a boy but a girl and he's gonna call her Mohammad. He's just beginning to understand gender and his confusion is cute.

Once she's discharged from the hospital, my sister's going to be moving back to my parent's home with her children and two maids (they're already there) for her 40 day nfas ("incubation period").

It's going to be loud, smelly and chaotic.

If anyone would like to join the circus this is your chance!

There's going to be 14 people including four children under the age of five living in my parents house sharing two television sets and one computer (the number does not include people working in the house).

Let's just say I'm glad I don't live in the same house (I live next door).


Anonymous said...

ahhh so cute...I want a baby without a mother from my tummy :P

G.E&B said...

Amu: you're scaring me :$

I'm scared crap-less of newborn babies...I always feel like their head is going to roll away from their body.

eshda3wa said...


i love babies!!


ytraba eb3zkom inshallah

but maaann! allah y3eenkom 3ala el looyah!

G.E&B said...

eshda3wa: Mashkoorah 7abeebti Allah ibarik feech! Looyah is an understatement! it's crazy!