17 February 2008

Why now? Why this?

(Majlis Al-Umma--Kuwait's National Assembly--originally uploaded by DDPN.net, flickr)

MP Ali Al-Rashed, who I like(d)..not really sure which way it goes now.., woke up one morning having made the decision to repeal the segregation in public and private universities law. Well, atleast amend it in someway. Great.

I don't believe in segregation. But I really don't care. It hasn't affected me either way. It's not my fight, I have a lot of others. In a nutshell, I don't think it's the source of or the answer to any of our problems.

Then the liberals get all up in arms about it. Great, they're going through a resurgence which has been great for the past few years and they need to keep momentum going. YAY! liberals!

Then the Islamists, who have been doing some heavy politicking for the past few months, come up with a retarded press release. Great! Freedom of speech. you say something stupid, we laugh at you.

Then the liberals act all insulted, "they called us sluts and prostitutes...die stupid Islamists...Public, be outraged," they demand. (I'm not. You call them terrorists and cavemen all the time...some perspective here please).


The only question is ...why now? And in who's interest is this fight?

The reality of our parliament is that we have three blocs : "liberals", Islamists, and mercenaries and thieves. (Let me reassure you that they are pretty much all corrupt politicians that are dipping their toes into public funds but it's all relative.)

My worries are that while the "honest" Islamists and liberals are at it...the thieves are having a party with my money.

Seriously, I don't give a rat's ass about segregation, I'm more worried that by the time this fight is over the whole country's gonna be gone.

Why this? Why now?

I'm seriously looking for an answer. If you feel strongly one way or another please do share.

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