05 March 2008

علل ما يلي

photo courtesy "Kuwait Police" courtesy of chek chak, flickr

I got pulled over by a cop* yesterday for having my car windows tinted, yes it's illegal here.

My car, a black sedan, has tinting on all four windows but the tinting is not dark at all. It's the lightest shade of tint available. But it's still illegal.

I've had it tinted since last summer when I had nausea problems and was getting extremely carsick during the day.

The darker windows somewhat helped the nausea and are a relief in the summer when it's a million degrees out.

Anyhoooo, so I get pulled over by a cop on a highway as I'm going about 10 km's above the speed limit but so was everyone else.

The cop walks up to my window to tell me that my tinting is illegal.

"I know but honestly it's not even dark," I tell him as I pull my window up to prove how light the tinting is.

"I know it's light but it's illegal," he says.

"Bes wallah, Allah la yableek, I can't handle the sun," I say, which I realize as the words come out that I sound like the Kuwait's biggest dalooo3a ditz,

"like medical concerns not dala3."

"If that's the case you should get a permit," he says.

"I tried the black window sun shades, but they blocked my side mirrors,"

" which ones...the ______ (insert word I didn't recognize).."

"oh, is that what they're called?..I just call them malooot imwa3ad.." (the ones used for dating) HOW INAPPROPRIATE! I can't believe I said that...

"Eee..."he says with a chuckle, "bes tarra it's illegal and I should give you a ticket but I won't...at least tint your back windows and keep the front ones clear"

"why would I do that? I drive from the front seat :/"

"I saw you driving past and I was surprised, a girl driving a tinted car...and you look respectable... ya3ni madree...3aib"

Then he adds, "darb ilsalama yuba...tuwakalay 3la Allah and take the tinting off." And he walks away.

* The cop wasn't a shady guy at all. I've dealt with a LOT of cops in the past, for many reasons including some work-related, and I can tell a decent cop from a sleaze-ball (most of the time).

This guy seemed more amused by/concerned for me, than bored/looking for a good time.
And he's not in the picture above.


Big Pearls said...

emmm..get a permit o fekay nafsech mn hal salfa:)

eshda3wa said...

now tinted cars are 3AIB!!

oh my god

leah hal daraja ow9alat elsakhafa?

G.E&B said...

big pearls: I wish it were that easy. I'd rather get pulled over every day of the week than have a family member beg for one at the muroor. Anyway, my car tags are up for renewal in November and I'm going to have to take it off.

eshda3wa: OMG! yes! that's the reason I wrote the post. Although I was happy I didn't get a ticket I was outraged that he was preaching his 3aibisms to me.
I'd understand if my car is tinted black, it's suspicious, maybe it could be 3aib. But it's barely tinted!!! How's that 3aib!! So doing anything that could make you stand out in any way is 3aib!!!! (Okay I'm off the soapbox now.)

Anonymous said...

wow... a7la shay bel post (all was interesting really) was the fact ina he's not in the picture above.... that was funny!!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest just get a permit :) you don't have to beg if you have reasonable reason!

Glitter said...

a7la shy bl mawtho03 hatho0l malo0t elmwa3ad :-D

Hasan.B said...

Lol he is not in the picture above! Very funny!

If you go to dubai, all the cars are tinted! la 3aib wela ba6ekh!

G.E&B said...

amu: if only it were that easy!

glitter: I KNOW...AFASHEL!!!

hasan.b: that's actually how I realized that the tinting would relieve my nausea. I was visiting a friend in dubai and didn't get carsick once although we spent hours in her tinted car!