06 March 2008

Wanted: a sweet family to adopt me

I'm looking for a new home.

If your family fulfills the following criteria please consider me for adoption:

1) Your family doesn't watch Al-Watan TV. Especially not Khalid Al-Abduljaleel and Taw Illail.

2) Your family has a wasta at the traffic department to get me a permit for my tinted car windows.

3) You do not have children between the ages of 0-16 living at home.

4) The food served is delicious.

5) Your laundry room is accessible. (I'd like to be able to do my own laundry.)

6) Your family doesn't discuss celebrity gossip around the dining table.

7) You have an endless supply of Arabic coffee.

8) People answer the phone when it rings.

9) You have highspeed wireless internet.

10) You promise to appreciate my humor.

Bonus points if you're house has a view.

I love my family. I'm not looking to replace them, I'm looking to--errr--supplement them. We're just not a good match (Part of being a Third Culture Kid, I guess.)


Hasan.B said...
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Hasan.B said...

Welcome to my family, but I am not sure about #10
ull have to work hard, fe competition!

Salah said...


good luck

G and L said...

#1, #4, #5, #7, #9, #10 check!

G.E&B said...

hasan.b: thanks (blushing)

g and l: ooooh #6 is kindof a biggie as is #3. I'll consider. :P

salah: I always feel important when u comment. Your blog is very thought provoking, mine is very ummm shallow/superficial...(basically, you make me feel less ditzy so thanks.)

Big Pearls said...

1) My younger sis is addicted to Al Watan TV!
2) Big wasta bil meroor mawjoda.
3) il i3yal kebret, no more kids:p
4) yummy!
5) il i3temad 3al nafs shay jameel.
6) we don't discuss anything while we eat. we just eat, lool
7) arabic coffee mawjoood.
8) we NEVER EVER answer the phone ma 3ada ommi:p
9) Internet shay tharoori, can't live without it.
10) humor is needed:p

I gave u the report, u decide for urself:p

Anonymous said...

My family doesn't do any of the listed things and yeah I have a high speed internet :D

G.E&B said...

Big Pearls: what you're implying scares me... someone over the age of 16 is addicted to Alwatan..?!!! wow. i never would've thought. i guess to each their own.

Amu: and u have a motorcycle. hmmmm...

Moniker said...

Heey..fellow TCK :D

Unfortunately, #2 and #7 don't apply to our household, lol

#7 we could work on.
But # 2? Ermm...that could be difficult :p

Anonymous said...

all we have is delicious food... :)
haha... and we don't watch al-watan television... but we watch a lot a lot a lot of really old egyptian movies..