09 March 2008

My heart goes out to every PLRB

I ran into someone I know a few days ago.

The dude, let's call him Yo!Yo!, is the son of a self-made millionaire.

Poor little rich boy.

The dude, who's a couple of years younger than I am, is graduating university this year. And that is the only thing going for him. (Actually, I think his father could be the only thing going for him...but whatever.)

Yo!Yo! is rich, not particularly good looking, doesn't have a great personality, has a horrible attitude towards life--very entitled, yes even more than "normal" in Kuwait--and thinks every girl is dying for him to look at her. (They might be...but, seriously, once he opens his mouth...it's all gone.) To put it kindly he's a very tall "little" person.

Anyway, I stopped to say hi and asked what he's been up to and all those niceties... and he goes,

"Wallah, mako..." (nothing.)

He's going to graduate and do nothing. He might work with his father (his father is the Chairman of a publicly traded company). He might not. We'll see. He's definitely going "to breathe some fresh air" after graduation somewhere.

His words have been steeping in my mind for a few days now, infusing with my quarter-life crisis.

No, I still don't really have a clear idea of what I want from life. But I'm glad I'm not in Yo!Yo!'s position.

I could match what my parent's have achieved and if I work hard enough I could have my parent's quality of life. People aren't always comparing me to my parents because many don't know my parents. (Aside from me being a girl and people not expecting much from girls anyway...)

His father is a well-known man. Although Yo!Yo! will probably inherit seventy times as much as I'll ever make but he'll always live in his father's shadow. If he messes up, it's public. That's a very high benchmark for a very "little" person.

I know...it's hard to feel sorry for very rich people. But I do.

My heart goes out to every little rich boy (and girl...but mostly boys).*

* How sexist...girls can be frivolous air-headed underachievers but not boys?!


Hasan.B said...

"To put it kindly he's a very tall "little" person."
LOL! A rich family is not something bad to have, but not looking after yourself, well then it is up to the person really but I do not like it. You never know what the future holds and you should always be ready

Big Pearls said...

To be frank, it's not bad to have a rich family! It all depends on how the parents raise their children, that's the most important I believe.

Glitter said...

elly kaser kha6ry bl mawtho03 is his father,

he's a self-made millionaire, which means he appreciates hard work, and to have that little person for a son must be a huge disappointment!

Anonymous said...

It all depends how he was brought up!!

eshda3wa said...

its definitely the way his parents raised him

they probably gave him everything and never expected much from him

i dont feel sorry for him

Anonymous said...

My dad is also "self-made" .. perhaps not a millionare... but he's made a BIG name for himself... and he has provided us with a very luxoriuos life... and even though Im a girl.. I still feel the pressure to be as good as him... he always boasts about how clever I am and how I am going to be something someday... fa I allah e3een el shabab....!!! the ones who have to catch up with their dads... oo the ones who don't want to be like their dads (the loser dads ma3a e7tiramee lihom)...

G.E&B said...

(Blogger hasn't been reporting comments to me...sorry for the delay in a response)

I know this person (and his family) very well:

1) It's not a bad thing that the family is rich.

2)It does depend a lot on how the kids are raised. (He was raised by a busy "absent" father and a mother who dali3ed beyond belief.)

Now that I've addressed most of the points brought up...I'll say this:

The problem is when a person who's motivated by money, "fame", and power and has all the money he'll ever need, not smart enough to "be powerful" even if he does inherit power, and he's known for being the funny/silly guy. (His existence right now revolves around girls.)

I need to give Yo!Yo! a break. He is just graduating college and has his life ahead of his. I hope he proves me wrong.

Allah i3eenkum hamitaf, it's not easy, but people like yourself (and Yo!Yo!) get a LOT of opportunities other people would kill for. Take advantage of that.

Salah said...

It’s all about being cool, and this is nothing to do with money or the way his parents have raised him. It’s about luck; it’s the lottery of life. It’s like nationality, richness, and other quality of life. Some people are born cool others are boring. I’d feel sorry for people who can’t overcome the problems they facing and I’d be even more sorry if they don’t they have a problem. But being cool is very subjective which means if you find him boring others would find him very interesting.