10 March 2008

Spell Rich.

Inspired by both this and this post:

1) What does being rich mean to you? "How do you define richness?"

2) What motivates you in life?


Since I asked it's only fair that I answer first,

1) Money to me means more options. So rich is having a solid house and car, i.e. not falling apart, having enough to travel or be pampered--not necessarily extravagantly) every once in a while. (If I have children it would include not worrying about children's schools/tuition.)

Rich is not a new car every two years, a new purse every week and expensive restaurants everyday. It's just not in me. (If I was a billionaire, I'd probably ride an old boat to my private island.)

I guess even without a full-time job right now I'd consider myself rich.

2) I'm not sure yet. But I know that money is not a strong motivator for me. As long as I have my needs met* and can meet a few wants every now and then, I'm fine. I think serving some sort of purpose is a stronger motivator, but I can't say that with certainty because I haven't really found a "purpose" to serve.

* There seems to be some confusion about my job situation. At one point I said I'm a reporter, at another place I said I met with a client...I've been getting hate-mail calling me a liar (someone needs to get a life rather than trying to find holes in my frivolous blog.)

I'm freelancing right now but I worked as a reporter for awhile. I'm thinking about going back to news writing part-time. We'll see. But I do meet with clients every once in as part of my freelance stuff. I am looking for a full-time job though...Hope I cleared up the confusion?!! I hope this doesn't come up if I ever decide to run for office...yeeesh people. get a life.


Glitter said...

a7ib qana3tich..

I wish I can be this content, but I have to admit:

I'm a Material Girl!

And lel asaf, nothing is ever enough for me!!

eshda3wa said...

being rich to me is being satisfied!
dosent matter the amount, bs as long as ana merta7a!

as for motivation, hmmm since i still didnt venture out in the real world so i have to wait and see!!

as for the hate mail... loool are u serious! some ppl are THAT fatheen

ignore em hun!

Big Pearls said...

Emmmm the only reason I'd like to have more money would be to spend it pampering myself and my loved ones and doing good for others. I am not interested in having more money to keep it in my account! Ma adri if you get me!

Anonymous said...

I am a second copy of you...I hate materialistic things..even though I am so much into cars and motorcycles but I prefer to buy once which is practical...I hate to buy a car that is 4 times my yearly income and i will pay for it for 20 years!! thats just not me...

I just feel I need to be satisfied with all that I am doing...

Hasan.B said...

Well Mara7 aser methali while defining richness. I believe being rich is having enough money to do almost want you want any time you want. There are the basics; house, car, good university for your kids, and pampering them and your wife, but not to the extent of spoiling them. There is no harm in buying new cars every once in a while, or traveling a lot.

My motivators; becoming a famous doctor, teach in the uni. Make my own wealth and not just inheriting it from my family. Money should be "ilwasela" and not il ghaya!

Moniker said...

I think being rich according to today's standards is being..like a celebrity. Being able to have/get whatever you want, when you want it. Without even having to give it a 2nd thought. Some people might be financially stable, but I wouldn't consider them rich? I dunno..

What motivates me is becoming independent :D

G.E&B said...

glitter: :)

eshda3wa: that was my question exactly...at what point would you consider yourself merta7a..?

big pearls: how much would be enough?

amu: :) our roads are too crazy for nice cars.

hasan.b: i agree with your definition, but some people's wants ma it5ali9.

moniker: i understand what you mean. and it scares me. I feel strongly that Hollywood should NOT be our standard. What do they teach us? Be stupid, have no real work ethic and you'll be rich. That's a scary thought.

Intlxpatr said...

Being rich means able to pay your kid's education bills, and also be sure they get the best available health care - you you and your husband, and your parents, too. Money buys options.

I, like you, don't really need things - cars, bags, couture - to impress others, but I need a few extra dinars for books, a meal out, and being able to buy a gift for a friend's birthday, or treat my son and his wife to a holiday with us . . .

enough money to provide protection is nice, and there is no wealth on earth that can counter the loss of a loved one . . .

Intlxpatr said...

I meant to add that we lie on our blogs all the time. We schedule entries for times we are nowhere near our computers, we don't tell our readers about private losses or our weekends away, and we sometimes give disinformation to delude the stalkers.

Don't let them get under your skin.