13 March 2008

Dear Diary,

The craziest thing happened to me today. Standing in line at a Starbucks, a girl in front of me keeps looking at me and looking away. I was smiling at her. As we waited for our drinks, the girl comes up to me, smiles, and asks if she could ask a personal question.

"Maybe," I said with a smile.
"Where do you usually get your makeup done for weddings," she asked.

I was really confused because I'd just left a 3aza (paid my respects to a mourning family, aka wake without a body) so I had no makeup on.

"I do it on my own," I said with a puzzled look on my face.
"This is really strange...right? But here's my number, I love your face! I feel like I could do wonders with it. I'd do it for free."

"Aaaaah....mashkoora (thank you). Do you have a salon or something..?"
"No, I'm just starting out...but I'm crazy about makeup"

I'm not sure if that was a compliment or someone trying to tell me I'm in desperate need of a makeover.

I am a magnet to weird situations. I guess that's why people around here don't smile at strangers.


eshda3wa said...

call her
let see if she really does wonders

orr is gna use that clown make up

Big Pearls said...

yeah give it a try!

ManalQ8 said...

It is unusual to advertise or to say something to strangers in this way

I think..

From my opinion

Just leave her

And if you are desperate to have a makeover

Then go for specialists

Someone you know

But she seems to be very weird to me

And today’s life is full of surprises

Especially with today’s women and girls

Have a nice day


Anonymous said...

I guess thats another way to promote business!!

G and L said...

hhmmm...sounds unprofessional. I wouldn't go.

G.E&B said...

I'm all for local businesses but ummm she kinda creeped me out.

I'm going all Oprah on y'all but seriously my gut tells me she's not "all there".

I'm with manalq8 it was too weird.

the other thing, which I did ask about was that she doesn't have a place. So I'll have to go to her house or somewhere like that (cue psycho music).

Moniker said...

sounds like a compliment!
maybe she liked your facial structure and saw a lot of potential in it for an aspiring make-up artist :D

...but having to go to her house does sound a bit "fishy" :p

Rhombus Tigress said...

is that how girls pick-up people these days?
lol - funny
i wonder what she would tell guys
"hey, nice face, i want to shave you - i dont have a 7alaq, BUT I LOVE HAIR"

Anonymous said...

that is kind of creepy... but if you were to call her... take some people with you... and weapons... just in case ;)

G.E&B said...

sorry for the delay in reply...blogger's keeping secrets again..:/

moniker: true could be a compliment. but WEIRD.

Rhombus Tigress: HAHAHAHA! I didn't think of that...i guess I should be REALLY flattered if it is!

hamitaf: awadee banat 3ami kilohum a5ari3ha!!!