18 March 2008

Look Baba Sabah! NO HANDS!!!

The Kuwaiti cabinet resigned.

Chances are the parliament will be dissolved soon.

Interesting time to be in Kuwait; one of the few times I'm glad I'm here and not living somewhere else.

This is like being on top of a roller-coaster ride and having that anxious feeling about going down full-speed.

Can't get off now.

Hold on tight.

It's gonna be a fun ride.



Salah said...

It’s true. I feel sick every time I ride a roller-coaster, and this government is giving exactly the same feeling!

Moniker said...

so what happens next?

G.E&B said...

moniker: not sure yet, the Amir isn't in the country and he calls the shots at this point. There's a lot of speculation and rumors...Allah yaktib illee feeh il5air

Big Pearls said...

I miss roller-coasters! OMG I am missing so much these days!

G and L said...

can't say that it's fun. It's nerve wrecking and u just want it to be over.