09 April 2008

Keep your chai, I want CHANGE

So I did end up going to a bunch of candidates who I'm definitely not supporting out of familial obligations. Fortunately, it hasn't killed me yet. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to visiting the people who I think I may want to vote for to make a decision.

I've been going around visiting family, looking at lists of names...but not really calling anyone because these aren't candidates I'm supporting. Am I being dishonest..?

Somewhat...I guess; but you know what, I'm going in the spirit of supporting family. So I don't feel horrible about it.

In time, when I've actually figured out who exactly I'm supporting, I hope to be able to go wherever I want. Apparently, its still early and people are still organizing themselves (although elections are less than five weeks away!).

Elections + small country + large families = confusing situation for voters.


Salah said...

It's confusing situation indeed!

Allah y3een

Anonymous said...

that equation is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention wasta :P

Oranjina fadidra said...

elections should be smooth, because frankly most people know who to vote for... however, its the last minutes before you ink your vote on that peace of paper and hell of a minute...

Big Pearls said...

It is hard especially when there are even more than a mamber of one family in the same district!

Lilleez said...

confusing indeed!! man i love your blog + the name!! superexciting :)

G.E&B said...

salah: Allah yaster!

hamitaf: if you're trying for a social mess...sure!

amu: the need for wasta makes you not want to dis anyone :/

oranjina fadidra: our whole house is undecided about atleast half their votes and we're a very political family. I should record our lunch debates.

big pearls: tell me about it! we're torn between a million different places and people.

lilleez: very kind of you to stop by. and thanks :)