29 March 2008

Meet my roommate

Meet my roommate. Let's call her BIG-ASS FLYING INSECT for anonymity's sake. She moved in Wednesday night. We are not on good terms. In fact, I left for the weekend, the door was kept ajar. She was still buzzing around when I came back Saturday night. Take a hint!

I think she loves me.

I hate her and hope she dies (soon!).

EDA: As of Sunday afternoon, Big-Ass flying insect, whose name was changed to Kalba towards the end of our relationship, had moved out of my room. Her whereabouts are unknown. Good riddance, Kalba, I hope to never see you nor your kin ever again.


eshda3wa said...

pif paf her arse baby !

Big Pearls said...

oooooh..I have insects phobia..I wouldn't be able to sleep if she was in my room:s

Anonymous said...

ewww!!! dial 'help' :D

powder said...

flies dont age , so she will die soon :P

Hasan.B said...

Has anyone told that your very funny? You should post more often

G.E&B said...

eshda3wa: i tried to smoke her out with ba5oor. didn't work.

big pearls: i didn't sleep too well as i can hear her buzzing. But i don't have it in me to kill it (actually its the cleaning part that gets me).

amu: no one at home but me :'(

powder: great! atleast i'll outlive her!!

hasan.b: i'm glad my horrifying ordeal is amusing to you :P i try to update as frequently as i can.