30 March 2008

Help me to speak

I was thinking about how frustrating it would be to have an uncontrollable stutter, after I had a word at the tip of my tongue but that wouldn't quite making out in the midst of a presentation.

I searched for information about stuttering (stammering in British English) and found this documentary. It's very good. Great if you need a good cry.

I am grateful for being able to say my name without any trouble. (Seriously, that part just about killed me!)


Hasan.B said...

47 minutes! It better be worth it!

Hasan.B said...

That was really good! I felt sorry for joanne!

Big Pearls said...

il7amdillah we are blessed

This Lady said...


but i know a distant relative who used to stutter, like, BAD..

but with time and lots of speech therapy, she's alright now. I haven't heard her stutter at all.
(maybe she will when she's nervous, but we all do)

eshda3wa said...

my roommate stutters
bs its khafeef
after a while u stop noticing it

Shoush said...

I only watched the 1st part, 3awiraw galbi. Allah y3eenhom inshala wisahil 3alaihom. Oo alf il7imdila 3ala ilni3ma.

Moniker said...

i especially wanna hug the graphic designer ;/

it's kinda like their mouths/lips receive the message before the brain finishes processing it..


nQ said...

cant wait till next monday at nine o'clock. i'll get my chips next time ;)

7ada not a pre-bed kinda video, but thanks anyhow :/ i hope my dream doesnt stutter!

Delicately Realistic said...

I once met a dr like that, maaaaaskeeeeeeeeen y3awir il galb !!!
I dont think i want to watch, ana kfaya i remember that guy o akt2ib. I was sooo sooo close to recommending him see a speech therapist or something.

il7amdillah 3el kil 7al.

Anonymous said...

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