04 April 2008

VII Questions

I. Do people who are always pulled together, looks-wise, know that they always look polished? Or do they think they're hot messes like the rest of us?

II. If I know I'm not voting for a certain candidate (who's wife I'm related to) should I go to his "townhall meetings" anyway out of respect even though I know nothing he says is going to change my mind?

III. Why the heck is Haitham Al-Shaya running for elections?

IV. How much time is normal for women to spend styling their hair?

V. When people talk about the government buying their consumer debts are they serious? Do they realize how crazy their suggestion is?

VI. Why do people buy really expensive wallets?

VII. Do other people's engagements appear simple and uncomplicated or are they really? Am I really making things overly complicated?!


Hasan.B said...

2. You dont have to

3. Cause he wants to

5. Yes they are serious because they are crazy

6. Two things I had for more than three years now; my wallet and mobile.

7. I think almost everyone has difficulties

Anonymous said...

1. I think even they can be insecure at times...

2. no... you don't have to... you can say.. you ain't into politics

3. who's Haytham Al Shaya.... i think I like the name Haytham... :)

4. I think it depends... long hair... half an hour and more... short hair.. waaaaaay less

5. it is a crazy suggestion...

6. I usually buy cheap wallets.. from river island.. top shop... because i like to change... but last month I bought an expensive one... and it doesn't feel any different :)

7. eee.. it always seems easier for people.. and harder for you... everything in life really..

Anonymous said...

1. I wonder that too.

2. In my world I have to :p Bas its shay raji3lich.

3. Ma3arfa ..

4. Styling as in straightening? 1/2 hour max.

5. Unfortunatly they are serious .. they think they are making sense. They need to have basic economic classes :)

6. I don't know. Ppl like designer stuff.

7. "the seaweed is always greener in somebody elses lake" ;)

Big Pearls said...

1.Hmm I guess there is no single rule that applies to everyone.

2.No, do what u really feel like.

3.cause he wants to (like hasan said)

4.half an hour..an hour for full professinal make up:/

5.They are serious, and I really believe it is stupid. The most unrealistec demand from Kuwaitis. Wake up people!

6.I buy expensive ones but I don't change them often. I pamper myself when I get the chance.

7.No engagement is easy. We just hear the simple happy stuff;)

Salah said...

ما في اختيارات؟


eshda3wa said...

1- they MUST put alot of effort into looking polished
so im sure they know they do

2- hmmm i duno maybe once as mojamala

3- mako shghl

4- it takes me 2 seconds to tie it in a knot (yes thats styling for me)

5- same reason they buy expensive underwear

6- there extremely complicated !

Moniker said...

1. yes. people always tell me i look neat and "murataba", etc. but i always feel there is something hanging out of place :p

2. why waste your time?

4. everyday = about no more than ten minutes. occasions = no less than 1 and a half? lol.

6. maybe they last longer?

7. i have no clue :p

G.E&B said...

hasan.b: oh he wants to...that explains it all!

hamitaf: (can I call you hami? i really want to!)

chirp: i like your seaweed :)

big pearls: a FULL hour! *thump*

salah: if you're well connected i'd let you call a friend for #3 ;)

eshda3wa: i actually understand expensive underwear! i don't understand using lots of money to hold ur money :/

moniker: ooh your polished! good to know.